The Cessna Caravan 208 with the registration D-FUNK was brought into service on 27 April 2007. Its base is the airfield, "Hunriger Wolf" at Itzehoe/Germany. The Caravan has a high performance turbine-propeller drive with 675 hp. With this power, it climbs 1280 ft/min or 380m/min. Its cruising speed is 170 Kts or 320 Km/h.

The D-FUNK is versatile and can be used for passenger, freight and parachute jumpers. In the passenger facilities a maximum of 9 passengers can be comfortably carried. Used as a cargo airplane it can carry up to 1.2 tonnes of cargo. In addition, the aircraft is authorized to carry up to 14 skydivers.

Equipped with the same engine as Cessna's Grand Caravan, it provides an even more excellent performance, ideal for operation from very short runways or in mountainous terrain. Equally popular with VIPs with executive interior and the ever increasing number of parachutists.