Cessna has just confirmed for our Cessna Caravan, the delivery date of March 2007. Our Cessna is the serial no.: 208-0407, for it is the 407 "small" caravan that is built. With the serial number I got today the registration sign "D-FUNK" assured by the LBA.

Farbschema der D-FUNKI hope the guys in Wichita potter hard on our funky caravan. At the moment, at least everything looks after a punctual delivery. Today, the final color has been set: white base color and the Paint Scheme 605a in blue (RAL 5005) with yellow accent stripes (RAL 1023). Ah, what a nice and beautiful Caravan.....

Well, now I am learning already properly in the "Pilot Operation Handbook". Probably in February, it's going to Wichta. There I am at Cessna to participate the "Flight Safety seminar" and - when it suits them - even right on the ferry to Germany. The type rating I'll do later on in Germany. How? And then the "Youngster" to fly the same for us? No, we will proceed much more cautiously: Uwe Reichert of TakeOff will assist us in the first few weeks and accompany me during a self-launched "supervision" phase. In addition, we are indeed the professional pilots of Air Hamburg and the old fox Buster Timpe available - starting from as and when I do indeed jump times from Funky!

Autor: Achmed Sharma