Cessna Caravan 208 D-FUNKThe Cessna 208 Caravan is a single-engine passenger and cargo aircraft. In the first prototype flew in December 1982, the FAA certification was made in October 1984. In 2015 Cessna has supplied nearly 2,500 Caravans since the first model was delivered on 25 February 1985.

The large wheels, of the 208 also allow takeoffs and landings on small dirt runways. The extended version, at 1.20 meters Grand Caravan offers up to 14 passengers seats (Caravan: 9 passengers). Together with Federal Express Cessna designed a cargo version of the Cessna 208, the Cargo Master. The Cargo Master has an additional cargo compartment under the fuselage and can load more than 1.5 tons of cargo. The freight carrier Federal Express operates in North and Central America, a fleet of 243 aircraft of this type. Other variants are the 208, a military version under the name U-27A, which is used as a troop transport and as an ambulance, freight and commuter aircraft design as well as a seaplane, the Caravan Amphibian.

Fallschirmspringer beim ExitThe 208 flies in over 70 countries around the world. The 208 is one of the most popular aircraft in the civilian skydiving. To this end, allows the rear door in a few minutes to replace a shutter. In Germany are currently 8 caravans on operations for parachute jumpers.


  • Lenght: 11,46 m
  • Wingspan: 15,88 m
  • Height: 4,32 m
  • Payload: 1,2 tonnes
  • Seats: 9
  • Range with full tanks and without cargo: 1.700 km
  • Power: 1 x Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-114A with 496 kw (675 HP) and a 3-blade, adjustable, Hartzell-Propeller.

Skizze der Cessna Caravan


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