We offer cargo flights to all regions of Germany and Europe. Quickly and on time a pool of experienced pilots bring your cargo safely and reliably to your destination.

The Cessna Caravan can use especially smaller airports to fly to your destination which are often much closer than the nearest major airport. Whether documents, machine parts or medical supplies - at the present time appear to be increasingly at the minute, when imported goods have to reach your location. Especially in remote and inaccessible areas the aircraft is usually the only choice.

Cargo - if it's really in a hurry! Up to 1.2 tonnes and 8m³ cargo on a flight! Day and Night!

Or is it a combination? The technicians and the spare parts? Our Cessna Caravan is very flexible and can be set up in different, share equipment. Choose a combination of passenger and cargo spaces for your flight. Even very short requests are possible. In the best case, we are ready to fly within 30 minutes from Itzehoe!

Get in touch with us and you can make a binding offer.

In 1 to 2 hours you can reach any destination in Germany!

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