The Cessna Grand Caravan EX is one of the most reliable and economical aircraft in its segment. It is well-known for its wide range of applications and, thanks to its powerful turbine, it also offers the possibility of starting and landing on short runways. Thus you come as close as possible to your destination and enjoy short journeys. With state-of-the-art instrumentation, we guarantee the same level of safety on board with maximum flexibility.


Inside the cabin you will find the luxurious "Canyon" interior. Eight single seats transform the air-conditioned cabin of the Grand Caravan into your living room above the clouds. With the 5-blade propeller we achieve inside the aircraft a noise reduction of up to 25%. Whether you are on the way to a business meeting or fly on your well deserved vacation, we bring you cost-effectively, relaxed and safely to your destination.


Important information

  • Non-Stop Distance: 1980 km
  • Maximum Cruise Speed: 345 km/h
  • Capacity: 9 passengers, 1 pilot
  • Maximum payload: 1.300 kg

With our two Cessna Caravan aircraft, we have the approval to transport passengers, mail and / or freight in commercial air traffic. The permit covers flights under visual flight and instrument flight rules (bad weather operation) throughout Europe (ICAO EUR region).


The passenger configuration: