The Cessna 208 Caravan D-FUNK is one of the most reliable and economical aircraft in its segment. It is well-known for its wide range of applications and, thanks to its powerful turbine, it also offers the possibility of starting and landing on short runways. Equally popular by passengers with the leather interior as well as for cargo - when it's really in a hurry! Up to 1.2 tons or 8m³ cargo with one flight!!


The D-FUNK is a quick-change artist and can be used for both passenger and cargo flights. Or does it make the combination? The technician and the spare part? Our Cessna Caravan is very flexible and can be set up in different, proportionate equipment. Even very short-term inquiries are possible. In the best case, we are ready to take off within 30 minutes!


important information

  • Non-stop range: 1980 km
  • Cruise Speed: 345 km/h
  • Capacity: 9 passengers, 1 pilot
  • Maximum payload: 1.2 ton/8m³

With our Cessna Caravan D-FUNK, we have the approval to transport passengers, mail and / or freight in commercial air traffic. The permit covers flights under visual flight and instrument flight rules (bad weather operation) throughout Europe (ICAO EUR region).


The passenger configuration:


The cargo configuration: