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Class Rating CessnaSET

C208 leftIAS Itzehoer Airservice GmbH is an "Approved Training Organisation" (ATO License No. DE.ATO.198).

Our Cessna Caravan D-FUNK is available as a training aircraft with an approved training program according to EASA.FCL for pilots who would like to get the class rating CessnaSET (Cessna single engine turbine).

Pre-entry requirements:

The following pre-entry requirements are minimum criteria that must be met before attending a class rating course:

  • 200 h total time; 70 hours as PIC;
  • Private Pilot License PPL(A) or Commercial Pilot License CPL(A);
  • Class rating SEP or MEP;
  • Valid Medical;
  • Valid Single-Engine Instrument Rating when operating under IFR;
  • A minimum of 3 take-offs and 3 landings as pilot flying in the preceding 90 days.

The basic aircraft ground training is 18 hours.
The basic aircraft flight training is 8 hours block time.

Granting of credits:

Cessna SET - VFR only
Applicants for a class rating Cessna SET who require VFR only may be credited towards the requirements for class rating issue. The flight training could be shortened to a minimum of 6 block hours.

Cessna SET - with previous experience on another class rating SET
A minimum of 100 hours flight time of the applicant on an aircraft with SET rating and equipped with a Pratt & Whitney PT6A turbine may count as credit towards the concerned class rating training course. The flight training could be shortened to a minimum of 5 block hours (4 hours VFR only).

Cessna SET - for experienced pilots with higher qualifications
If the applicant holds

  • a valid professional license (CPL, MPL or ATPL ); or
  • a valid instructor rating (FI, IRI, TRI or CRI); or
  • a valid examiner entitlement (FE, TRE or CRE),

and the flight experience as pilot in command exceeds:

  • 1000 flight hours in total; and
  • 50 flight hours during the last 12 month,

the amount of flight training could be shortened to a minimum of 6 block hours (5 hours VFR only).

Check Flights:

The D-FUNK is also available for your next check flight. Two LBA approved examiners are available for your EASA.FCL proficiency check!

All prices of the training or additional training for the class rating CessnaSET can be found here...

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