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IR supplement training

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You have only the class rating CessnaSET under visual flight rules and wish to transfer an existing IR rating for single engine aircraft (SE / IR) to your CessnaSET?

Legal basis under the German Federal Aviation Authority "Luftfahrtbundesamt" (LBA):

An existing IR rating for single engine aircraft (SE / IR) can not be "transferred" to other class or type rating for single engine aircraft. This follows from the provisions relating to the purchase of class and type rating, affecting also the IR part of the respective authority.

According to FCL.625 IR (c) the applicant for a class or type rating requires first a coordinated flight training to completed the practical examination for the class  or type rating. Details of the practical test result from FCL.625 IR (c) i. a. w. annex 9 of Part-FCL, paragraph 3(b). Accordingly, the practical examination on the particular class or type rating is to complete, whereby the type or class rating is limited then to flights under visual flight rules, if the practical test was flown not only by instrument (see Section 3 B).

The "transfer" of an existing SE / IR permission on a different type or a different class always requires training and practical test on the model of the corresponding class. The training and testing can-ever limited to the training and testing of the IR part on this specific class or type rating. If another IR permission be obtained for single-engine aircraft for an existing class or type rating, the submit of a protocol with the proof of training and testing of the IR-authorization (Annex 3 toPart-FCL, paragraph 3(b)) is required for a concrete type or a concrete class. The requirements for training and testing must be observed.

We provide the theoretical and practical addition to training and the necessary check flight in accordance with Annex 3 toPart-FCL, paragraph 3(b) "Instrument flight"!

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