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2007 gets funky

Now it is out and all should know! The D-Funk is the new star of the "Hungrigen Wolf"!

The very new Cessna 208 Caravan 675 D-FUNK (Delta FoxtrottUniformNovemberKilo) is from the 2007 season, our new airplane! No, here no one has won the lottery or something similar, the D-FUNK is the result of a collaboration of three partners: the PROKON New Energy Group as an investor, Air Hamburg and the Skydiving Club YUU-Skydive!

But we have neither the means nor the necessary capacity to realize, however, the three partners will together achieve an overall load factor, which ensures the first hour of an economic operation! While PROKON and Air Hamburg use the Cessna during the week, it is for us every weekend and for our jump weeks. The machine is currently being manufactured by Cessna in Wichita and has a combined passenger, cargo and skydiving equipment!

Whether we have the airplane available from the start to the season 2007, depends only if the delivery date actually complies with Cessna!



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