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On Schedule

... can have long heard nothing from me. This was due to the "extensive" homework assignments that were still to be overcome. But I can report good news: everything is in time!

The work at Cessna on our Cessna Caravan are on schedule and they are (as you will see soon!) now installing all the technical components including turbine. Actually, missing only the interior trim and painting. The administrative tasks are plentiful, also thanks to the support of our partners pointed PROKON and Air Hamburg, completely under control.

And here it comes:

Our caravan dealers Air Alliance has asked kindly the Cessna "Contract Administrator asked" to send us pictures from the production of our Caravan! 407 = "four-o-seven" is the serial number of our caravan SN 208 - 0407 and is therefore also the Order number by Cessna. Ladies and Gentlemen, we proudly present:

Die „The early days of the funky Caravan"



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