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640px EASA LogoNach Anhang VIII (Teil SPO) der Verordnung (EU) Nr. 965/2012, die am 21. April 2017 in Kraft tritt, müssen alle gewerblichen Luftfahrtunternehmen, die spezialisierten Flugbetrieb durchführen, ein EASA Teil-SPO Flugbetriebshandbuch erstellen und ihrer zuständigen Behörde eine Erklärung abgeben, dass der Flugbetrieb in Übereinstimmung mit der Verordnung (EU) 965/2012 erfolgt, damit die zuständige Behörde ab Betriebsbeginn ihrer Aufsichtspflicht nachkommen kann.

Das SPO Betriebshandbuch muss den Anforderungen der Verordnung (EU) Nr. 965/2012 entsprechen und ist gemäß den Vorgaben von ORO.MLR.100 zu erstellen. Das Handbuch umfasst unter anderem ein Managementsystem gemäß ORO.GEN.200 und Standard-Betriebsverfahren für den spezialisierten Flugbetrieb auf der Grundlage einer Risikobewertung gemäß SPO.OP.230. Das kann insbesondere für kleine Betreiber eine schwere Aufgabe darstellen!

St. Peter-Ording vom 01. bis 08.08.2008

Zum sechsten Mal organisiert YUU-Skydive zusammen mit der Kitesurf-Thropy 2008 nun schon den Beach-Boogie in St. Peter-Ording. Die D-FUNK ist natürlich auch dabei: Fallschirmsprungcamp, Strandsprünge, Tandemsprünge, Ausbildung, Strandpartys und Live Acts und vieles mehr am Beach von St. Peter-Ording...

SPO Beach Boogie 2008

D-FUNK Paint-Design Well okay, at least the D-Funk has arrived in good old Germany at the 26.03.2007. It landed in Siegerland. And since the 27.03. Achmed is also in Siegerland - equipped with a happy grin and a lot of new permanent experience from his seminar in Wichita.


Achmed is currently on his rating on the Caravan (the reason for the permanent grin). Once that is completed on Thursday, the skydiving kit will be installed. And it takes - sadly, sadly 10 days ......

Because of that we welcome the Funky one week later, on 14.04. In Hohenlockstedt. Unfortunately, the caravan could start because of bad weather, with 1 weeks of delay from Wichita and that leads to this delay. BUT - we have the caravan ordered in November and its in Germany now! That's madness.

We, especially Achmed, have drawn on all ends, but there are still things that can not influence it. But so what - this one little week, we can wait easily. The season is long ...

This coming Easter weekend a Norman Islander is flying for YUU in Holo, which some of you already made familiar in SPO. And then it's time! On 13.04. Achmed gets the baby home! WE LOOK FORWARD TO! Now just 1 week longer ;-) Anticipation is also some nice stuff!

A spotter has the D-Funk on their delivery flight from Wichita to Germany at 25.03.2007 spotted at the airport of Glasgow, and made one of the first photos of the beauty. The D-Funk was on ferry with Pilot Margit Waltz (over 18,000 flying hours and flown more than 800 Atlantic crossings) from Wichita via Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Scotland and England in just three days to Germany.



... can have long heard nothing from me. This was due to the "extensive" homework assignments that were still to be overcome. But I can report good news: everything is in time!

The work at Cessna on our Cessna Caravan are on schedule and they are (as you will see soon!) now installing all the technical components including turbine. Actually, missing only the interior trim and painting. The administrative tasks are plentiful, also thanks to the support of our partners pointed PROKON and Air Hamburg, completely under control.

D-FUNK Paint-DesignCessna has just confirmed for our Cessna Caravan, the delivery date of March 2007. Our Cessna is the serial no.: 208-0407, for it is the 407 "small" caravan that is built. With the serial number I got today the registration sign "D-FUNK" assured by the LBA.

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